Understanding Public and Private Groups and One to One messages

Your team/ company can talk about a variety of topics in SparkChat: projects,timelines, shared knowledge
Most of this information is useful to everyone, but not every discussion needs to be seen by your entire team. That's why SparkChat provides a few different ways to have a conversation: public groups, private groups and one to one messages.

When to use a public group, a private group or a one to one message

1. Public Groups are open to all members in your team/ Company and anyone can join or leave the chatroom whenever they wish to.

2. Private Groups are used when you want to speak to a specific set of people about a certain topic. Group Members can be added to a group only by the admin (generally the team member that has created the group) and is by invite only.
Once a member leaves a group, he/ she cannot rejoin unless the admin adds the user back into the group.

3. One on One Messages are useful for private conversations with another team member.