Muting a public or private group

We’ve all been part of that group that gets active just when we need our own head space to get something done. Muting a group ensures that push notifications will stop popping up for that particular group.

However just in case a co-worker needs to get in touch with you for something urgent they can tag you with the @Name feature to get your attention.

Using this option will over ride the mute on a group and send a push notification through ensuring that you are only notified for only those things that are important and need your immediate attention.

To mute a public or private group:

1. Click the menu button at the top right hand corner of your screen within the group. You could also long press the name of the group you wish to mute in the Private Group or Public Group tabs.

2. Click on group info once the menu drops down.

3. Within menu shift the mute button from on to off.

To unmute the group follow the same steps above.