Team Messaging for Businesses made Simple

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Organizational efficiency at your finger tips

SparkChat is a secure team collaboration chat app for your modern business – making your business easy, quick and simple with all your co-workers, vendors, agencies and business partners without ever (necessarily) giving your number away.

SparkChat Offers

Share large files instantly

Share all your files (ALL OF THEM!), presentations, image files (even illustrator and photoshop files), word documents and more from right within the app. You can even share files from your Google drive, iCloud drive or Dropbox accounts so you keep the conversation in one place and avoid the hassle of shifting to your email to share that file. Team collaboration just got easier!

Be the boss

You can assign user roles and control the features available to each type of user in your network so security isn’t a concern. We even help you track how useful we are (we love transparency) with usage numbers across your teams.

Unlimited Chat rooms at your disposal

Setup organization wide open chatrooms. Share information, knowledge, case studies and work experience (or plan that company party).

Private groups

Chat in closed (invite only groups) to share project details or secure information within a limited number of people. You have absolute control over who to invite!

Private and Direct

Speak privately with a team mate. It’s completely secure.

Empower yourself to communicate better.

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Secure all the way

Secure Messaging your way! We know that each of you has your own security needs and with that in mind we offer you the option of hosting SparkChat on our cloud or on your own servers. All this in a super easy way, without having your entire IT team installing it for days. A few clicks and voila, you’re on!

Search & Tag with @Mentions

Busy? Muted a group deliberately so you don’t receive a 100 messages a minute? Worried that you’re now going to miss that one message that’s really important? We have your back. @Mentions help you quickly draw the INDIVIDUAL attention of your colleagues and notifies them even if they’ve muted a group or a chat room.You can even search that important message or file through the stack of messages effortlessly!

Use it anywhere-anytime!

SparkChat works thw way you do when you’re on the go. It helps you sync across all your devices with fully native Android, iOS and Web apps. This means that information shared on one device reflects on every device keeping you updated and giving you access to all your information on the go.

Manage all your tasks quick and easy:

Our task manager is built to help you with your day to day work and even those crazy projects that get super complicated (we’ve all been there). SparkChat helps you keep your teams to do list and communication in one place. You can create tasks, assign team members, set due dates and even reminders so you don’t have to stress about that one thing you think you forgot, but you didn’t! (Hopefully). So, forget to remember. (Oh, unless it’s your wedding anniversary).